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Investing in massage is an investment in your health.

Complimentary Aromatherapy, Hot Stones, and Hot Towels.

Premium Hypoallergenic Massage Cream, Source Vital Apothecary Essential Oils, 100% Cotton Sheets, Heated Massage Table, Memory Foam Face Cradle, Candles, Soft Music, Cold or Room Temperature Bottled Water, Clean Restrooms, and Private Parking all provided.

Integrative Therapeutic Massage - Find yourself immersed in whole body wellness with varied modalities designed to free you from pain, tension, and stress and to invoke complete balance and renewal. This in depth and detailed massage is specifically tailored to YOUR personal needs. Each session will be different from the last depending on your needs at the present time. As with all massages, complimentary aromatherapy, hot towels, and hot stones are awaiting you! Within your Integrative Therapeutic Massage session, all of the following modalities are available to be implemented:

  • Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Myofascial Release
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Shiatsu Pressure Points
  • Stretch Therapy
  • Scraping
  • Cupping
  • Reiki

Available 90 minutes ($128) or 120 minutes ($158) increments.

Tension Tamer Massage - 60 minutes ($98) of a targeted back, shoulder, and neck massage with stress busting aromatherapy and ultra relaxing hot stones to melt away the tension being held in the upper body. If others areas of the body require attention, let me know and I will include it within the treatment.

Traditional Thai Massage - 90 minutes ($128) Service for women only. This is a relaxing, holistic treatment that balances and grounds your energy. Very different than a normal massage, it takes place on a mat on the floor with the client fully clothed. The treatment is comprised of primarily stretching, palm compression, and acupressure points. The client will lay completely passive, allowing me to move them around for positioning and  stretching. This is more of a generalized massage, so if you are looking for a treatment where we work on specific areas or specific concerns, I recommend selecting the Integrative Therapeutic Massage instead.

Body Sculpting - Muscle scraping therapy is a technique that uses stainless steel instruments, using a scraping motion to treat muscle injuries, connective tissue injuries, loosen adhered scar tissue and promote healing. Benefits include faster recovery, improved range of motion, decreased pain, decreased scar tissue formation, improved posture, smoother and healthier looking skin, and stimulating collagen production.

Offered in 4 segments of your choice 90 minutes ($128) at a time.

-Front and Back of Upper Body

-Front and Back of Lower Body

-Front Side of Body, Upper & Lower

-Back Side of Body, Upper & Lower

I recommend coming in for two treatments within a close span of each other to cover the whole body for the most effective treatment. For the first time, I would recommend beginning with the Front and Back of Upper Body.

Pre-Natal Massage - For the mother-to-be in her second or third trimester who needs some relief, this is an exceptionally relaxing massage that incorporates deep work in troubled areas and returns the body to a homeostasis condition.

Available in 60 minutes ($98) or 90 minutes ($128) increments.

Runners & Bicyclist Sports Massage - 60 or 90 minutes ($98 / $128) concentrating on the muscle groups in the back and legs to encourage a speedy recovery after strenuous activity.

Reiki - Reiki is a natural energy healing modality that relies on the healing intention of the practitioner for its effectiveness. It is a simple process that can be of great benefit to the individual’s overall health and wellness. We are always healing. No matter what the disease or trauma our natural self is always in a perpetual state of healing and recovery. With Reiki, the practitioner focuses their intention to healing to help facilitate the natural process. In a standard treatment Reiki energy flows from the practitioners hands into the client. The client is laying on a massage table and remains fully clothed. The practitioner places their hands on or near the clients body in a series of hand positions. Treatments are available to be implemented within a massage session, or you can choose to experience 60 minutes purely of Reiki. ($98) Sessions purely of Reiki include scalp & face massage, chakra balancing, and the use of essential oils, crystals, and singing bowls.


Group Chair Massage Events

- $1 per minute     +$15 traveling cost

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